Kyley Findley | Owner

final girl [fayn-l gurl] noun - the last girl or woman alive in a horror film, the one who confronts the killer and is often left to tell the story; the character the audience is most often left to sympathize with; badass woman. 

Hi I’m Kyley (she/her/hers)! I create feelings of nostalgia and comfort for the horror fandom. I specialize in amigurumi – the art of crocheted stuffed and plush creatures – inspired by your favorite scary movies. I’m a maximalist collector who loves ALL things spooky, weird, and cute and I want to share that with others. My handmade horror plushies look perfect next to action figure and movie collections. Each figure takes about 2 hours to craft; final processing imbues them with the spirit of their idol – but I wouldn’t test that theory out if I were you.

I've always been passionate about the dark and spooky side of life; when I was a kid, I was constantly reading scary stories - both fictional and nonfictional. My favorite things to learn about were the gruesome and dark history of our world (did you know: a person remains conscious several seconds after being beheaded via guillotine?). When I met my husband, he introduced me horror fandom and I realized there was an entire community of those who were equally as passionate about the weird, dark, scary, gruesome parts of life. Horror is an art, it is escapism. Horror is inclusive and embraces all people. It's an essential part of my life and individuality, as I'm sure it is for you and my shoppers, too. 

I combined yarn magic with my passion for horror and BOOM - concept. My first horror creation was Sam from Trick 'R Treat. Every scary movie inspires me, and I have tons of ideas I can't wait to show you. Thanks for shopping!